Gun Safety: It’s The Guns, Folks!

More Americans have died from gun wounds, so far this year, than days, which have elapsed! Let that sink in! There have been more gun – related fatalities, than Americans, who have died, in Afghanistan, etc, combined! How many more horrific tragedies, must we endure, before we demand, responsible, responsive, sane, gun control, safety measures, in order to reduce the number of these fatalities, and injuries? Supporters of the status quo, defend their positions, by invoking their supposed, 2nd Amendment rights, the One Good Man With A Gun theory, blaming mental illness, and/ or violent video games/ entertainment, and/ or, any other justifications, they can think of, to defend their positions. They proclaim, Guns don’t kill people, people do, but omit the significant ending of the sentence, which should be, People with guns do. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some of these exclamations, and explain, why this article is titled, Gun Safety: It’s The Guns, Folks!

1. 2nd Amendment Rights: How often have we heard someone invoke their defense of guns, and their personal right, to bear arms, by invoking their 2nd Amendment Rights? When this Amendment was written, in the 1770’s, the United States was a new nation, with 13 states, located, predominantly along the Atlantic Ocean. The fear of being attacked on their coast, by foreign invaders, created the reasons for this, and, referred, according to experts, not to an individual’s rights, but, rather to, States Rights, to bear arms, in order to build their own militias. Remember, weapons, then, were single – shot guns, and the Founding Fathers, certainly, did not envision, today’s multi – shot, assault – style guns!

2. One Good Man With A Gun: Those opposing gun control measures, often, proclaim, if we limit guns, only the criminals will own them. They state, one good man with a gun, would be the greatest prevention against the bad – guys, but, statistics indicate otherwise!

3. Blaming Mental Illness: President Trump seems to have little to no difficulty, blaming people of color, or certain ethnicities, when/ if, it is convenient to do so. However, when the shooters do not fit his agenda, he, and his cronies, often blame it, on mental illness! History, data, and other nation’s reduced amounts of occurrences, seem to state, this may be a convenient excuse, but not a realistic one!

4. Blaming violent video games/ entertainment: If violent video games, were the primary cause of these occurrences, Japan, which has the largest number of video gamers, would have many more shootings, which they do not!

5. Parenting: According to this theory, American parents, and parenting, must be far worse, than anywhere else, in the world!

Wake up, America, because, how many more innocent people, need to die, before we take some real action? If any of the excuses, mattered, our statistics would not be, so much worse than anywhere else, in the world. The significant difference, is the ease, of access, to guns!