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Cone crusher improve work efficiency of granite sand production line
Crushed granite can be used for paving stones and building stone, but granite corrosive, high hardness, wear and tear on the more serious crushing equipment, if you want to crushing granite should be choose a high-performance crusher equipment. Cone crusher not only to meet the work requirements of high strength and quality of products meet the standards, compared to other types of crushers can effectively reduce ongoing maintenance costs. Currently, Cone crusher has been widely used in roads and bridges, chemical industry, building materials, utilities, mining and other industries.
First, the granite stone broken by the jaw crusher can not put into the use of advanced construction sites, Because granite rubble flakiness and internal cracks gravel content, while traditional to impact crusher as secondary crusher, although gravel grain type is better, but it's wearable pieces for the back-breaking loss is very serious often unbearable sand companies such costs. So, from the perspective of cost and investment point of view, choose cone crusher is the ideal equipment.
Cone crusher cavity chamber has three types: standard, medium and short head type is determined by the choice of cavity ore purposes, in which standard applies to the broken, medium suitable for crushing and the short head type is applicable to ultra-crushing, able to adapt to the requirements of various specifications made ​​of stone.
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