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Analysis the performance and effectiveness of Cone crusher

Cone crusher, large output, low running cost, affordable, can easily crushing various ore (iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, pebbles, etc.), SBM Machinery is a professional Cone crusher manufacturer, the production of equipment has been exported to many parts of Russia, Mongolia, Chile, Middle and East Asia, Africa, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and other countries.

Cone crusher use Performance

Cone crusher use Performance:

1. High production efficiency, easy operation, according to the crushing ratio can be pided into: super coarse broken, coarse broken and fine broken (sand) and other models, the minimum size of the crushed material can to 13mm. Production efficiency up to 500t / h.

2. Strong power, reliable transmission, using industrial engine power, high power, low emissions, and provide the power of Cone crusher walking and crushing, economic and durable; self-adjusting clutch electro-hydraulic converter output power operation, transmission efficiency, easy control .

3. Cone crusher mainframe of advanced design, rugged, thick-walled, high-strength cast welding body rigidity.

Cone crusher using the effects of the analysis:

1. Cone crusher production increased to between 600 ~ 800t / h, yield was 25 to 40 times that of traditional mining stone crusher;an effective solution to the high rate of the original mining operation stone crusher caused by low yields, no downtime problems.

2. Cone crusher can be effectively crushing particle size of 1000 × 1200mm material. Greatly reducing the problem of bulk materials can not be broken.

3. Decrease power consumption. Electricity consumption per ton of stone mines dropped 1 ~ 2KWh / t, the annual electricity savings of $ 100,000.

4. Effectively improve the operation of labor intensity and working environment. Due to the high degree of automation of mining cone crushers, without human contact material.

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