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SBM Machinery SMH hydraulic cone crusher to meet the Xinjiang gravel aggregate processing needs

In recent years, due to the growing concern of the national livelihood projects , development and protection of housing construction in the western region of Xinjiang into the start of the rise , the market for sand and gravel aggregate demand continues to increase also led to the widespread distribution of the sand and gravel production equipment . Artificial aggregate system construction and operation of the project , the construction of the required aggregate is created by modern advanced crusher, sand making machine , mining machinery and equipment .Its aggregate processing is a vital link in the need to elaborate and high-quality equipment to do the job , the relationship to the quality and engineering effects of the project , and other equipment capacity requirements of the conditions are very harsh , as long as the strict customs in order to cast a qualified engineering .

2012 , Xinjiang is an extraordinary year in the " 12th Five-Year Plan , the continuous advance of the 19 provinces and cities Yuanjiang , the people's livelihood and building year" to continue in Xinjiang , the process of urbanization is accelerating . Market demand in Xinjiang , May 16 , China SBM Machinery Co. , Ltd. With the second session of the Xinjiang International Construction Machinery Exhibition and customers in a face-to-face communication and exchange .

SBM Machinery has 10 years of crusher , sand making R & D and production experience, first-class technical strength . SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. launched the SMH cone crusher is used for large-scale projects , especially in the aggregate production , the production of aggregate from the finished product requirements to production needs can be fully in line with .

Gravel aggregate resources in Xinjiang, mostly pebbles , SBM Machinery SMH cone crusher equipment for its unique performance , high-quality finished product particle size , has been designated as the necessary equipment of the aggregate production . When SBM Machinery efficient cone crusher is applied to the building rubble, sand process , especially the broken basalt and other hard materials , not only high efficiency , low production costs , and broken product grain shape and high quality of sand and gravel aggregate .Efficient cone crusher also applied to black , non-ferrous metals beneficiation process can effectively reduce the particle size of the ore into the mill multi- break less grinding , both to improve the mill 's production capacity , but also energy-saving , section steel , significantly improve the economic efficiency of the processing plant . Generally speaking, the cone crusher used in metal and nonmetal mines , cement plants , construction , metallurgy , transportation , sand and gravel aggregate production and other industries . Precisely because of the cone crusher many features , the cone crusher is widely used for the kuku highway aggregate production process .

Create a " goal " from the domestic first-class toward a world-class manufacturing to China from China , SBM Machinery renowned for its specialized products and services at home and abroad a fast, robust known in the industry . Company in the development adhere to the international strategy , according to market demand and product status , continue to strengthen the development efforts of the international market .

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