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The mineral mechanical hammer crusher plant

Jaw Crusher SBM Machinery production professional pebble crusher equipment. Day-to-day production of the single section hammer crusher operation and maintenance and repair methods. Hydraulic cone crusher mineral mechanical hammer crusher plant single-stage hammer crusher operation maintenance and repair of single-stage hammer crusher is widely used in cement, ceramics, glass, artificial sand and gravel, coal, and nonmetal mines, and a new green building materials industries.

1.Equipment operation inspection before
a spindle bearings, the material roller bearing and intermediate shaft bearing grease injection reducer oil-filled situation.
b. the crushing cavity (oliveri surface) whether any foreign bodies.
c feed roller phenomena and surrounding whether collide.
d to feed roller drive gear output shaft rotation direction is correct.
e crusher rotor disk car check cleared of all undesirable metal sound of the collision.
f rotor length hoop screw, part bolts and anchor bolts for vibration phenomena.
g. motor rotation direction is correct.
h on the body all the doors are closed.

2. Equipment operation
a running non-metal impact sound.
rotor and feed roller smooth operation.
c. spindle bearing temperature usually does not exceed 80 ℃, the high-speed shaft bearing temperature generally does not exceed 90 ° C, the feed roller slide bearing maximum temperature does not exceed 65 ° C.
d. steady current of the main motor.
e after the shutdown, check the operation of the various parts of the bolt and links pin and screw the long hoop bolts to tighten loose bolts and the rotor, matter coupling pin wedge.

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