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Three major objectives we must achieve in the future development of jaw crusher machine

Although in recent years, the R & D level of China's jaw Crusher Machine keep increasing and has made great achievements .However, compared with the same type of foreign advanced products, there are still some gaps. Therefore ,we need to redouble our efforts to increase the  investment intensity in order to catch up the advanced level. In the future our domestic jaw crusher machine must gradually realize these three objectives: 
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First, it is the concept and technology innovation, we need to break the conventional rules. In order to integrate with the world market ,the most important thing is innovation, only through innovation ,can we invent new products with international market competitiveness.

Secondly, It is urgent to improve the automation degree in order to achieve its intellectualization. Humanized product design , on one hand it can greatly improve the production efficiency of the equipment, reduce the dependence on labor; on the other hand it can increase the security of the equipment .

Finally, introducing new concepts and optimizing structure to achieve energy saving and environmental protection , make jaw crusher machine a real green product. These can mainly reflected in: dedust, noise reduction and energy conservation, etc.

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