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Drying Hammer Crusher

What is the Drying Hammer Crusher ?

Drying Hammer Crusher is also called drying hammer broken, due to the Drying Hammer Crusher with high production efficiency, low energy consumption, broken up and broken while drying , therefore, it is widely used in crushing and drying the soft non - abrasive materials such as gypsum, chalk, clay, slurry filter cake , etc., broken up , drying, calcination , such as industrial by-product gypsum flue gas desulfurization gypsum .

Drying Hammer Crusher
Drying Hammer Crusher 9_1

DSJ Series Drying Hammer Crusher is Drying Hammer Crusher is one of the best dry crushing equipment :

(1) ,DSJ series Drying Hammer Crusher As a result of a reasonable and reliable processing technology , quality materials and advanced automated processing equipment , Drying Hammer Crusher run a reliable, stable , easy maintenance , the DSJ series Drying Hammer Crusher the environmental indicators are in line with national requirements.

(2) ,In the gypsum board industry , the DSJ series Drying Hammer Crusher can be ≤ 12% moisture content of FGD gypsum slag cake by Drying Hammer Crusher rotor to break up , throwing Yang , and with the introduction of the 550 ° C hot air full heat exchange to form a water content ≤ 1% of material , the material out of the wind pipe into the rising pipe the hot air away into the next process . DSJ series Drying Hammer Crusher can be used for the cement industry on the cake and the field of environmental protection on the electrical carbide drying crushing processing .

(3) ,FGD gypsum residue is often handled by the landfill , so that the serious pollution of the environment and the occupation of cultivated land , now , the FGD gypsum residue after the DSJ series Drying Hammer Crusher processing can be made of building gypsum powder , turning waste into wealth , but more than natural gypsum, gypsum powder performance by the DSJ series Drying Hammer Crusher mechanism into high quality raw material for the manufacture of gypsum board .


Drying Hammer Crusher installation and commissioning :

[1] ,Drying Hammer Crusher installation should pay attention to the main body vertical and horizontal .
[2] ,The device should be installed on a level concrete foundation , is anchored .
[3] ,Check whether the various parts of the loose bolts and host Kurakado , fastening , if to be tightened after installation .
[4] ,Equipment, power configuration of the power cord and control switch .
[5] ,Check is completed, the empty load test , test normal to the production .

Routine maintenance of the Drying Hammer Crusher :

[1] ,Drying Hammer Crusher bearing shoulder the entire load of the machine , so good lubrication of the bearing life of a great relationship , it directly affects the life of the machine and operating rates , which required the injection of lubricant must be clean , seal must be good Drying Hammer Crusher oiling at several places : ( a ) rotating bearing( b ) in roller bearing( c ) all gear( d ) the movable bearing, sliding plane.

[2] ,Note that the various parts of the machine is working properly

[3] ,Careful to check the wear parts wear , and pay attention to the replacement of worn parts .

[4] ,The newly installed tire prone to loosening must always be checked .

[5] The bearing temperature rise should be immediately stopped to check the reason to eliminate them .

[6] ,The gears in the operation should be immediately stopped to check if the impact of sound and eliminate .

[7] ,Activities bearing can not put the base of the plane of the active device should be out dust and other objects in case the encounter can not be broken material on the bottom shelves move , resulting in a serious accident .

<Ⅴ>Drying hammer crusher technical parameters:


Maximum feeding size ( mm )

Production capacity ( t/h )

Feed water content

Motor power(kW) Weight (t)
DSJ2015 ≤100 30-35 ≤15% 220 40
DSJ2515 ≤100 40-50 ≤15% 250 55
DSJ2821 ≤100 65-80 ≤15% 450 78
DSJ3026 ≤100 110 ≤15% 800 128
DSJ4325 ≤100 150-160 ≤15% 900 145

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