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GZT Vibrating Feeder

GZT vibrating feeder Overview :

The GZT vibrating feeder ( feeder ) is one of the important sand and gravel production line feeding equipment , massive , granular material in the production process , from the storage silo , even, from time to time, to subject feeding device in the sand and gravel production line for the crusher continuously and uniformly feed , and coarse screening material . GZT Series rods vibrating feeder Department of digestion and absorption of Swedish design and manufacturing technology , and the introduction of Japanese production of the vibration motor as vibration source . The series for the bulk material before primary crushing crusher feed feeder , the role of the bars of the screen surface , but also to get rid of dirt , crushing materials to achieve the pre - screening function to improve the capacity of the primary crushing .Particularly suitable for feeding in front of the hydropower industry , building stone , metal ore coarse crushing . Widely used in metallurgy , coal mining , mineral processing, building materials , chemicals , abrasives industry crushing and screening plants .

Linear vibrating screen--SBM Machinery (YF-30)


Linear vibrating screen--SBM Machinery (YF-25)

The working principle and structure

gzt - 0932 vibrating feeder with dual- motor as vibration source , have exactly the same performance and parameters . When these dual vibration motor reverse rotation the same angular velocity , the inertia force generated by the eccentric block will overlap or cancel each other out in a special stage . GZT Series Vibrating Feeder new vibration motor, the series vibrating feeder for coarse crusher feed .The role of the bars of the screen surface , but also to get rid of dirt and other small materials , pre- screening of functions , to improve the capacity of the primary crushing , the series vibrating feeder new vibration motor or exciter excitation frame ring groove rivet riveting , manganese steel sheeting manufactured and bars, rugged construction , high strength , impact resistance, wear resistance, easy maintenance .


The GZT vibration feed characteristics and advantages

[1]、Simple structure, reliable operation, convenient installation .

[2]、All models of the vibration feeder can be manual or automatic control feeding quantity.

[3]、Vibration motor as vibration source, has low noise, low power consumption, and good adaptability.

[4]、Can adjust the excitation force, change and control the flow, convenient adjustment and stability;

[5]、This series has a variety of models. It is specialized in designing and manufacturing, according to customer requirements.

[6]、Vibration motor as vibration source, low noise, small power consumption, good regulation performance, without the phenomenon of red material.

[7]、Simple structure, reliable operation, convenient installation, light weight, small volume, convenient maintenance, and the enclosed type can prevent dust pollution.

Mobile Cone Crusher technical parameters :


Feeding size ( mm )

Processing ability of (t/h)

Vibration frequency ( r/min )

Motor power

Dimensions ( mm )

Machine weight ( kg )





























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