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Ring Hammer Crusher

What is the Ring Hammer Crusher ?

Ring Hammer Crusher is a new type of efficient aggregate Crusher Machinery . Ring Hammer Crusher is the use of its high-speed rotating hammer and material collision crushing materials , this can make the stone with the machine the inner wall of full contact friction ring hammer crusher according to the requirements of the user to adjust the grate of the gap . material change in size , to meet the different needs of different users .Ring hammer crusher with stable operation , reliable , long life , large crushing ratio , high efficiency , compact structure , less dust , low noise , light weight , easy maintenance , low power consumption , and expel the ability of super-hard materials features. At present, the ring hammer crusher is mainly applicable to crushing brittle , hard , less moisture, the various materials . In building materials, building materials, roads, fuel technology , metallurgy , chemical industry, thermal power industry , mainly for crushing coal, mining , cement , coal , metallurgy , coal gangue , sandstone , shale, limestone , gypsum and other minerals .

SBM Mechanical Ring Hammer Crusher
SBM Mechanical Ring Hammer Crusher


The Ring Hammer Crusher works :

Ring Hammer Crusher is mainly the effect of the use of crushed material . When the material into the crusher , it can be crushed by the high - speed motor rotating ring hammer , while access to the kinetic energy of materials rushed to accept a second crushing process and the impact plate , and then fell on the screen to screen and cutting , extrusion , grinding ring hammer . Standard materials can be discharged from the machine . Substances can not be crushed into the metal collection , and shall report regularly eliminated . By replacement of the sieve material , the size of the discharge can be adjusted. The gap between the rotor and the sieve mechanism can be adjusted .The main working parts of the ring hammer crusher rotor with a ring hammer . The rotor ring hammer shaft and ring hammer parts . The motor drives the rotor , high-speed rotation of the crushing cavity . Materials to be broken since the upper transported to the discharge port to the machine , high - speed rotary motion ring hammer blow, and material colliding with each other , squeezing , abrasive and broken . Below the trochanter , with grate plates , broken less than a material level of granularity of the grate plate hole size through the grate plate board to exclude , the particle size larger than the size of grate plate hole continued to ring hammer blow , and finally through The grate plate exclude from the machine.

SBM mechanical ring hammer crusher
Machinery ring hammer crusher Anatomical Chart

Ring Hammer Crusher main purpose :

The main working parts of the ring hammer crusher rotor with a hammer (also known as hammer ) . Rotor from the spindle, disk, pin and hammer . The motor drives the rotor in the crushing cavity high - speed rotation . Material from the upper to the mouth to feed into the machine , high-speed movement of the hammer blow , impact , shearing, abrasive and grinding . At present , ring hammer crusher for crushing all kinds of hard and weak abrasive materials . The compressive strength of its material does not exceed 100MPa, the moisture content of less than 15% . Broken materials as coal, salt, chalk, plaster , brick , limestone and so on .Also for the broken fiber structure , elastic and resilient pieces of wood , paper , or broken asbestos cement waste to recycling asbestos fibers . In addition , the hammer crusher not only can be used for crushing production line, sand making production line , but also in the mineral processing production line instead of a cone crusher .

Structure and composition of the ring hammer crusher and ring hammer crusher are the advantages ?

The ring hammer crusher is the main working parts of the rotor with a hammer (also known as hammer ) . Rotor from the spindle, disk, pin and hammer .Ring Hammer Crusher is to absorb the advantages of the hammer crusher and crusher two crusher , were optimized to launch a new generation of products, ring hammer crusher has the following ten advantages :

[1] .Fight structure , handling, ease of installation.

[2] .With new types of hammer, crushing impact strength .

[3] .The feed inlet , the crushing chamber , to adapt to high material hardness , fragmentation product powder .

[4] .hammer shaft mounted adjustable, hammerhead longevity.

[5] .The material is suspended, broken power small.

[6] .Compact structure, strong rigidity of the machine.

[7] .The size of the grid is adjustable, controllable product size, particle shape well.

[8] .The chassis can flip, maintenance more convenient.

[9] .Square shank bolt, impact resistance, wear resistance.

Ring hammer crusher is include shock, impact, impact ( stone-beating-stone crushing ) function in a body, high production efficiency, small mechanical wear, integrated benefit is distinct, widely used in artificial sand.

Ring hammer crusher installation and maintenance :

Machine maintenance is a very important regular work, it should be with extremely the operation and maintenance of close cooperation, shall have full-time staff on duty.

(1)Ring hammer crusher maintenance:

[1] .Bearing: crusher machine bearing load full load, so the good lubrication on bearing life have a great relationship, it directly affects the service life of the machine and the running rate, thus requiring into the lubricating oil must be clean, seal must be in good condition, the main oil injection:Rolling bearing, roller bearing, gear, bearing, sliding plane.

[2] .Note various parts of the machine is working properly .

[3] .The newly installed tire prone to loosening must always be checked .

[4] .Check the easy wear parts wear, always pay attention to replace worn parts.

[5] .On the device frame plane, should go out dust and dirt to avoid machine doesn't broken material activities bearing can not on the chassis of mobile, so that a serious accident.

(2)Installation testing :

[1] .The device should be installed in horizontal concrete foundation, fixed with anchor bolts.
[2] .The installation should pay attention to the main body and the horizontal and vertical.
[3] .Check after installation of the bolts looseness and host door is fastened, please fasten.
[4] .According to equipment power distribution power line and a control switch.
[5] .Check, for no load test, the test can be produced in normal.

Drying hammer crusher technical parameters:

Ring hammer crusher hammer crusher series is PCH PCH ring hammer crusher model specifications are: PCH0402, PCH0404, PCH0606, PCH0808, PCH0810, PCH101, PCH1016.


Rotor length (㎜)

Maximum feed block size ( mm )

Maximum feed( mm ) Yield(t/h) Total weight ( excluding motor )(kg)
PCH-0402 400×200 200 ≤30 8-12 800
PCH-0404 400×400 200 ≤30 16-25 1050
PCH-0604 600×400 200 ≤30 22-33 1430
PCH-0606 600×600 200 ≤30 30-60 1770
PCH-0808 800×800 200 ≤30 75-105 3600
PCH-1010 1000×1000 300 ≤30 160-200
PCH-1016 1000×1600 300 ≤30 300-350
PCH-1216 1200×1600 400 ≤30 500-620
PCH-1221 1210×2100 400 ≤30 800-1000 24000

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