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Barium Sulphate Vertical Mill

Precipitated barium sulphate vertical mill in the coating industry and the role of enhancers, the majority of consumers. It can improve the coating of water, heat, wear and impact resistance, is a cheap and effective white inorganic light stabilizer, paint surface to avoid aging, it can also be used in paint enhancer. Because it has a high filling and oil absorption is not high, so the cost of a variety of oil-based paint, water-based paint and other decreased significantly. You can also take it to replace titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide hiding and did not decline as compared to, and increase the paint's whiteness and brightness.

The precipitated barium sulphate vertical mill produced by the paint, not only increases the coating of solid parts, also reduces the amount of solvent, even at higher concentrations, it has a very high gloss. In the production of not only saves raw materials, but also greatly enhanced the production efficiency, creating profits.

Precipitated barium sulphate vertical mill is calcium, magnesium mixed solution after mirabilite, carried out by barium sulfide solution was added at 80 ℃ removed by reaction, a precipitate, after filtration, washing with water and acid, adjusting the pH 5-6, then filtered, drying, crushing obtained. It may also be obtained with barium yellow halo and Glauber's salt solution reaction.

Production of precipitated barium sulphate vertical mill to be crushed dried link, this time to use milling equipment. SBM by learning the introduction of foreign advanced technology and experience of twenty years of painstaking research and development of a new vertical mill, is set drying, grinding, classification, transportation as one of the advanced energy efficient grinding equipment. When grinding precipitated barium sulphate vertical mill no longer need to configure the dryer, for customers to save a sum of money.

barium sulphate vertical mill
barium sulphate vertical mill

SBM vertical milling machine with high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, large feed size, easy to adjust product fineness, equipment process is simple, small footprint, low noise, low dust, easy maintenance, low operating costs , wear less material consumption and other advantages. It can be widely used in electricity, metallurgy, cement, chemicals, non-metallic mineral industries, in addition to grinding precipitated barium sulphate vertical mill, but also widely used in cement raw material, clinker, power plant desulfurization limestone powder, slag powder, manganese ore, gypsum, coal, barite, calcite, bauxite and other materials for the grinding process.

Vertical mill for grinding the precipitated barium sulphate vertical mill, produced by the powder fineness uniformity, purity, and promote the precipitation of barium sulphate vertical mill is widely used in the paint industry, and is also popular in the market, the production of precipitated barium sulphate vertical mill the best equipment.

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