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Bluestone Powder Vertical Mill

Bluestone powder vertical mill can be set, drying, separator, delivery as a whole, with a high grinding efficiency, big drying capacity, product fineness is easy to adjust, low noise, low power consumption, the process is simple, small abrasion, run Province and other significant cost advantages, are widely used in cement, mining, power, chemical, industrial waste treatment and other fields.

Bluestone powder vertical mill powder mill as one of the most common applications of relatively common in construction, mining and other industries in its shadow everywhere. But for basic construction and principle of operation of the bluestone powder vertical mill grinding powder, many operators do not understand, when this operation is prone to error, caused damage to the equipment, or even cause accidents. So the basic structure and operating principle of bluestone powder vertical mill limestone powder is what?

Powder bluestone powder vertical mill systems often use equipment mainly supply system, dust collector, feeding equipment. In general, limestone bluestone powder vertical mill equipment are installed inside the separator device, so the separator does not require additional installation, which would make the powder grinding bluestone powder vertical mill to operate in a more convenient, reducing a lot of trouble.

Limestone bluestone powder vertical mill in operation, the first after crushing limestone deposited in the gravel after the warehouse, through electronic belt speed will continue to be a certain amount of limestone fell out, and then pass through the rotation of the impeller to the roller mill powder inside. Roller and disc constant movement will have a great strength of limestone extrusion and grinding, eventually be ground into powder. Then through the separator, coarse particles fall unqualified will continue to hit the disc milling, grinding qualifying will follow the bluestone powder vertical mill grinding powder flow was brought out a product.

bluestone powder vertical mill
bluestone powder vertical mill

In the limestone bluestone powder vertical mill, the general inside the stove will produce hot air, depending on the production conditions, you can use the fuel stove or coal-fired stove, etc., so that you can continue to evaporate the moisture in the raw material, to ensure that powder bluestone powder vertical mill to produce the finished product moisture content within a predetermined range or less. In order to enhance the bluestone powder vertical mill grinding powder production efficiency, but also to transform the system can be installed so that it can adjust Scum return, so that you can increase productivity.

Limestone bluestone powder vertical mill basic structure and working principle, I believe we all know, and for production operations personnel, when operating powder bluestone powder vertical mill must be in strict accordance with operational requirements, with care, so as to ensure bluestone powder vertical mill grinding powder normal operation to ensure its maximum production capacity.

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