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Cement Clinker Grinding Process

Broken cement clinker grinding process clinker grinding process

Cement clinker grinding process production process, most of the raw material to be crushed, such as limestone, clay, iron ore and coal. Limestone is the largest amount of raw materials for cement clinker grinding process production, larger particle size after mining, high hardness, and therefore in material crushing limestone crushing cement clinker grinding process plant occupies a more important position.
Crushing grinding process than the process of economic and convenient, reasonable selection of equipment and crushing and grinding equipment is very important. Before the material into the grinding equipment, broken as the bulk material to small, uniform particle size, in order to reduce the load on the grinding equipment to improve the mill's production. After crushing the material can reduce the separation of materials of different particle size in the transport and storage process, something to prepare a homogeneous raw material composition, improve the accuracy of ingredients.

Production of cement clinker grinding process clinker grinding process feed raw

Cement clinker grinding process production process, each producing one ton of Portland cement clinker grinding process grinding at least 3 tons of materials (including raw materials, fuel, clinker, mixed materials, gypsum), according to statistics, the dry-process cement clinker grinding process production line grinding operations need to consume power accounts for more than 60% of the whole power plant, where raw material grinding more than 30%, accounting for about 3% of the coal mill, cement clinker grinding process grinding about 40%. Therefore, a reasonable choice of grinding equipment and processes, optimization of process parameters, the correct operation, the control operation system, to ensure product quality and reduce energy consumption is of great significance.

Cement clinker grinding process clinker grinding process works:

Motor driven by the reduction gear disc rotates, the material through the air lock feeder device feed downpipe fell through the central disc, the centrifugal force of the disc being left post by Rolling edge grinding mill rolls, crushed material from the disc The edge of the spill, was the hot gas stream from the nozzle from drying speed up the band, depending on the speed of the airflow, part of the material was taken to the air flow inside the high-efficiency classifiers, after meal separated to return to the disc, re-grinding; fine powder with the air out of the mill, collecting dust collection device in the system down, is the product. Hot air is not brought up coarse particulate material, the outer loop after lap Overflow bucket elevator feed selected powder, coarse particles fall back to the disc, grinding squeeze again.

cement clinker grinding process
cement clinker grinding process

Cement clinker grinding process clinker grinding process raw meal

Use of air stirring, gravity, have a "funnel effect", the raw material powder at the time of discharge falls down, try cutting the multilayer material surface thoroughly mixed. The use of different streams of air, so the library material surface parallel streams of different sizes swelling effect occurred, some regional unloading, some area streams, thus making library material surface is tilted, radial mixing homogenized.

Cement clinker grinding process clinker firing

After completion of the raw material in the cyclone preheater preheating and pre-decomposition, the next process is carried out into the clinker kiln firing.A further rapid decomposition of carbonate in a rotary kiln and a series of solid-phase reaction of cement clinker grinding process clinker minerals. As the temperature rises past when mineral material becomes liquid, dissolved in the liquid phase and the reaction was carried out to generate a large number of (clinker). After the clinker burning, the temperature began to decrease. Finally, the cement clinker grinding process clinker cooler temperatures will be discharged kiln clinker cooling to the downstream transport, depot and cement clinker grinding process mill can withstand the temperature, high temperature clinker while recovering sensible heat, improving thermal efficiency and clinker quality system.

Cement clinker grinding process grinding

Cement clinker grinding process grinding is the final step of the cement clinker grinding process manufacturing process also consumes the most. Its main function is to cement clinker grinding process clinker (and gelling agent, performance tuning materials, etc.) grinding to a suitable size (in fineness, represents the ratio of surface area, etc.), a certain particle size distribution, increasing its hydration area, accelerate the rate of hydration, meet cement clinker grinding process slurry coagulation, hardening requirements.

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