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Construction Waste Crusher

Construction Waste Crusher Working Principle

Driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at high speed, and the construction waste enters the first crushing chamber and the plate hammer strikes the crushing and then enters the second crushing chamber for crushing. In the process of crushing, not only the formation of construction waste and plate hammer and liner between the impact of broken, but also completed the various hammer and crushing chamber within the stone stone shaping, and finally discharged from the discharge port.

Construction Waste Crusher Product Introduction

In order to meet the needs of urban modernization, the city construction waste turning waste into treasure, I developed a jaw crusher, impact crusher, vertical impact crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, a variety of vibrating screen, feed Machines and other special equipment assembled after the construction waste broken, screening. The product is optimized and enhanced design, higher strength, better performance, more compact structure. The product has the characteristics of reliable performance, good stability, strong mobility, reduce the cost of material transportation, combination of flexible, adaptable, easy maintenance and other characteristics, to produce products can be widely used in Mianshaozhuan, road infrastructure, construction and other industries, For the city to take a virtuous circle of road to provide a new development ideas.

construction waste crusher
construction waste crusher

Construction Waste Crusher Process

1, feed and rough broken

2, sorting system

3, high pressure washing system

4, second, three broken system

5, waste water recovery system

6, dust purification system

7, automatic control system

Construction waste

1. Many of the waste in construction waste can be reused as a renewable resource after being sorted, removed or crushed. Such as: scrap steel, scrap wire, waste wire and a variety of scrap parts and other metal, sorted, concentrated, re-furnace, you can re-manufacture a variety of steel products;

2. Waste wood can be used to make artificial wood;

3. Bricks, stone, concrete and other waste crushed, you can substitute sand, for masonry mortar, plaster mortar, playing concrete cushion, etc., can also be used for making blocks, paving tiles, tiles and other building materials Products.

Recycling of construction waste - to realize the economic, social and ecological benefits of resource reduction, reduction and harmlessness of construction waste

1. The use of recycled raw materials processing of renewable products, will be the government's tax support, considerable economic benefits

2. Save landfill costs and a large number of landfill sites, reduce environmental pollution

3. To reduce the exploitation of natural sand and gravel, to protect the natural resources and human living environment, in line with sustainable development strategy

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