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Gypsum Board Production Process

Gypsum board production process of the production process

From natural gypsum or chemical gypsum board production process board production process after a certain calcination temperature heating, so that dehydrated gypsum board production process decomposed to obtain hemihydrate gypsum board production process of the product as a main component, namely building gypsum board production process (or used to call on plaster board production process). Production of construction gypsum board production process equipment are rotary kiln, continuous or intermittent wok. According to different uses of dehydration decomposition temperature and pressure conditions, the obtained product can be divided into a building with gypsum board production process and p-type building gypsum board production process.

p-type hemihydrate gypsum board production process is the main form of construction gypsum board production process, its production process can be summarized as gypsum board production process of stone crushing, calcination, grinding three processes. Gypsum board production processing equipment can be used jaw crusher, roll crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher, ring roller mill, gypsum board production process grinding. Calcining kiln equipment, continuous or intermittent wok. Grinding equipment vertical mill, Raymond and Peter grinding. By the China New Building Materials Industry Hangzhou Design & Research Institute of China's first self-designed production process board gypsum board production line, with an annual output 4 million square meters of gypsum board production technology board, gypsum board production process in Beijing mill has been commissioned nearly 20 years.

Gypsum board production process generally 300-350mm in diameter stone into the factory, if the particle size exceeds this range will have to manually hammer broken, the bucket car gypsum board production process of stone to give as gifts under the hopper through a plate of uniform supply feeder People jaw crusher. The particle size control in 50-60mm.

gypsum board production process
gypsum board production process

To ensure the calcination process and molding process system stability, but also to try to use low-grade gypsum board production process resources to different tastes of gypsum board production process of stone pre-homogenization (such as production plant gypsum board production process stone stable source of homogenization field single, it can not require pre-homogenization process). Lifting machines sent by the bucket into the feed block material on the belt, with a mobile unloading trucks and spread on the belt conveyor belt material, the material is homogenized along the longitudinal direction of the layers of ground floor library materials. Every time the shop according to the desired thickness of the material after homogenization of gypsum board production process of calculation to determine the amount of different tastes. Reclaimer Reclaimer hunger by Dingpa in the vertical plane along the windrow has paved the angle of repose of the material reciprocates take cake? This "lack of direct cross-shop method enables the material to achieve satisfactory homogenization effect Ground pit material discharge belt conveyor on the bucket elevator into the life material library 5 7 (large venues such as homogenizing silo. you do not need raw material library).

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