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Gypsum Pillars Making Plant

Phosphogypsum pillars making plant gypsum pillars making plant board production

Dry, semi-dry gypsum pillars making plant fibreboard and particleboard production is relatively new technology to save energy. The production process is mixed gypsum pillars making plant powder, paper or glass fibers or wood shavings and other uniform, dephosphorization gypsum pillars making plant production lines with a wind machine shop on the extravagant stainless steel conveyor belt or tablet, simultaneously spray water and a certain amount of admixture solution, by the roll pressure and continuous or multi-press pressed into a certain thickness of the gypsum pillars making plant fiberboard or particleboard, and then by cutting, grinding or further coating having good physical and decorative properties of a large plate. Suitable for ceiling, wall panels, ceilings, large bay wall, can finish processing. The new large plate development in Germany and the Nordic faster, but the United States, Japan and other countries is still less developed the product. gypsum pillars making plant fiberboard and particleboard can use chemical-product gypsum pillars making plant, such as gypsum pillars making plant building treated phosphogypsum pillars making plant obtained. Hubei Sanhuan German company to introduce the company a gram of brain Cardiff dry gypsum pillars making plant fiberboard production line; Shandong Building Materials Co., Ltd. introduced the German Cangsong Buisson company produces 30,000 m2 of particleboard production line, it has been put into production.

China's use of lime in the direct conversion of phosphogypsum pillars making plant and processes, the method is simple, with a pH between 4-5 and extent of control, out of the frying building gypsum pillars making plant plaster in line with the requirements for the production of porous slats as an internal partition wall. Phosphogypsum pillars making plant has been producing since 1978 in a small production line perforated slat for light plate frame construction system. Due process is simple, low energy consumption, less investment, quick returns, so can be a lot to deal with phosphogypsum pillars making plant.

gypsum pillars making plant
gypsum pillars making plant

Phosphogypsum pillars making plant can be used for the production of ceramic decorative panels, first at 500-520 degrees calcined gypsum pillars making plant, phosphogypsum pillars making plant utilization after fine grinding to a certain percentage of a powder or mixed with broken glass, blast furnace slag, may be added to a small amount of sintering additives, with the semi-dry forming method, glazed, at 800 to 1100. C firing. Compared with ordinary ceramic veneer, the veneer ceramics with high line [expansion] expansion coefficient, good resistance to cold, but the bulk of industrial production can be used for producing ceramic decorative panel production line.

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