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Jaw Crusher Efficiency Factors

Productivity jaw crusher efficiency factors manufacturers are most concerned about problems in the production process, many factors will affect the productivity of jaw crusher efficiency factors, master these factors in order to improve its productivity to the maximum extent, the following I come to find out more about the factors that affect the jaw crusher efficiency factors productivity.

1, the angle of the jaw crusher efficiency factors mobile jaw and the fixed jaw will affect the angle between the big and small jaw crusher efficiency factors produce power, between moving jaw and fixed jaw can be produced in accordance with the needs of human conditioning, at 18-32 degrees Room conditioning, the angle between moving jaw and fixed jaw is too large, will make up the ore crushing cavity extrusion, resulting in injury or damage to other equipment, along with follow moving jaw and fixed jaw angle is increased, production rate. The angle between the movable jaw and the fixed jaw is too small, will make the crushed product particle size smaller to reduce the quantity, the value declined significantly.

2, the discharge mouth can also affect the size of the conditioning operation power jaw crusher efficiency factors, production operations in practice, according to the needs of discharge size to the size of mine conditioning discharge port. Thus, to ensure product granularity of demand, try to discharge mine mouth power amplification can increase production, Pai mine mouth size to be able to recuperate after a conditioning block, handle well the relationship between the crushing ratio and production rate, enabling the production output progress , greatly improving the crushing production line produce economic benefits.

3, the number of revolutions jaw crusher efficiency factors eccentric shaft, can affect production capacity jaw crusher efficiency factors, jaw crusher efficiency factors revolutions eccentric shaft faster, energy consumption per unit of time will also add, makes the crushing chamber ore has been crushed too late to discharge, while blocking representation, but to make the production capacity declined significantly, exacerbated by the machine load.

4, physical and mechanical properties of materials. This is a larger power crusher factors, including the material hardness, compressive strength, humidity, and viscosity. If the material hardness or compressive strength is high, then the crusher in the implementation process of crushing operations, to do great work to complete, so a higher power.

5, size. jaw crusher efficiency factors model specification more there is a big difference between the different types of equipment, power, size, the greater the crusher, its power consumption is also greater.

6, crusher speed. In general, the higher the crusher speed, the greater the mechanical dimensions, power consumption larger; larger crushing ratio, power consumption is also greater.

7, the eccentric shaft speed. Within a certain range, the eccentric shaft speed increases, the power of the crusher device will increase accordingly. When the movable jaw swinging beyond a certain limit, and then increase the speed, the power consumption will rise quickly. Due to the high speed of the eccentric shaft make good material crushing discharged from the discharge opening late, but will result in energy consumption.

8, crushing granularity. Crushing granularity of power will cause a certain extent. In manufacturing operations, crushing the smaller size if required by the user, the power jaw crusher efficiency factors time will increase accordingly.

Jaw Crusher Efficiency Factors
Jaw Crusher Efficiency Factors

These are the details affecting productivity jaw crusher efficiency factors reasons, during the operation of which must be for these factors have a sufficient understanding of and want to increase productivity jaw crusher efficiency factors to be from these areas start.

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