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Open Pit Mining Machine

Xinjiang, China's first Wirtgen 2200 SM 3.8 type open pit mining machine construction in progress. This advanced open pit mining machine soon replaced the local traditional mining equipment. Wirtgen experts are providing full technical support for the construction.

Higher coal production

Yihua Wucaiwan Xinjiang coal mine located in northwestern China, with Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia border. Contractors Xinjiang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. cloud using environmentally friendly technology Wirtgen open pit mining machine, in this coal mining has been more than a year and a half. Previously, this selling fossil fuel is mined by a conventional drilling and blasting methods. However, after blasting the coal seam is highly flammable, often lead to the mine fire. In order to improve the safety of mining operations, operators decided to use open pit mining machine as new mining technologies, significant cost savings, improved quality mining.

Project planning is essential

However, when planning for mining projects in order to achieve a predetermined extraction, to select only the right machine is not enough. Mine geological characteristics are also important factors, mineral occurrence laminated situation, material transport conditions. It requires specialized skills and experience. Wirtgen than 30 years of experience in the field of surface mining, in order to provide a quality assurance project construction. "Wirtgen experts from the outset provide in-depth advice to us, to help us develop the ideal solution," Chenjian Yun said.

Xinjiang Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. cloud boss attaches great importance to the reliability of energy partnerships and open pit mining machines. When the initial contact, he was on the Wirtgen proposed construction requirements. Mining area of ??small, only 2x 300 x 35 m, and therefore open pit mining machine mobility has become a critical factor. Moreover, carriers want to increase daily output to 3,000 t in 7,000 t. For a thermal power station and has important clients in the construction of a fertilizer plant, which is the only way to meet its huge demand.

In addition, this coal fine, fragile, will produce a lot of dust. Therefore, at the planning stage it must be considered on the cutting material grading and seam thickness (1.3 m to 10.63 m range) of different requirements.

Open Pit Mining Machine
Open Pit Mining Machine

In space-constrained work areas, 2200 SM 3.8 fully demonstrated its advantages. Full adjustable hydraulic crawler will form a large steering angle of the turning radius of only 2.5 m. Crab steering mode with excellent maneuverability. Meanwhile, the highly independent regulator to form a gap big track off the ground, making the machine even on uneven pavement can work and reverse. In addition, the optional hydraulic differential lock to ensure the machine running on either the ground can have maximum traction. Open pit mining machine excellent climbing ability and the ability to work large longitudinal slope, so that it can assist in the difficult area of ??construction, and cut out the individual access paths and ramps. 2200 SM 3.8 valuable aspects in the field of cutting ramp.

Open pit mining machine frequently throughout the day continuous operation. In the quasi-East Coal, 2200 SM 3.8 annual 330 days, 24 hours a day to work. Therefore, with a reliable supply of original spare parts and highly trained engineers Wirtgen service is very important. As Chenjian Yun said, "open pit mining machine does not work if a minute, it will waste money, reduce our profits. Wirtgen can provide full technical support, we have established cooperative relations with its an important reason."

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