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Pozzolana Manufacturing Process Plant

Pozzolana plant manufacturing process is defined by the volcanic eruption and a diameter of less than 2 mm of gravel and mineral particles. At the outbreak of volcanic activity, the solid rocks and lava are broken down into fine particles to form pozzolana manufacturing process plant. It has manufacturing process plant pozzolana activity, that is, under normal temperature and presence of water can be reacted with a hydraulic cementitious hydrate capabilities and lime (CaO). So after the ground can be used as cement admixtures and concrete mixed material.

Pozzolana composition structure manufacturing process plant

Pozzolana generated by the manufacturing process plant volcanic activity is fine volcanic debris. By the rocks, minerals, fragments of volcanic glass, diameter of less than 2 mm, which very fine pozzolana manufacturing process plant called volcanic dust. Solid and liquid volcanic ejecta, the largest amount of pozzolana manufacturing process plant, the most widely distributed, they often has dark gray, yellow, white and other colors, after stacking pressed become tuff. In the mix of some plant pozzolana manufacturing process quality, there is a certain amount of active silica, activated alumina and other active ingredients.

Manufacturing process plant pozzolana forming principle

Manufacturing process plant pozzolana forming principle

Pozzolana manufacturing process plant response refers to the active ingredient with calcium hydroxide to produce calcium silicate hydrate, hydrated calcium aluminate or calcium aluminate hydrate and other reaction products of sulfur, which can be derived from calcium hydroxide Mixed When lime, cement hydration can also be derived from the release of calcium hydroxide. In the manufacturing process plant pozzolana cement hydration process, the manufacturing process plant pozzolana pozzolana manufacturing process plant response is the active ingredient in admixture with cement clinker when released hydration reaction of calcium hydroxide.

Pozzolan cement hydration process plant manufacturing process is a secondary reaction. The first is the hydration of cement clinker, release calcium hydroxide, and then the reaction is pozzolana manufacturing process plant. These two reactions are carried out alternately, and mutually condition one another, mutual constraints, rather than simply isolated.

Water under pressure is formed by a fine mist discharge spout. The same principle, in the molten state of the magma under great pressure, the discharge port is formed by a volcanic magma mist, fog magma solidified into fine particles to form pozzolana manufacturing process plant, namely the formation of lava pozzolana atomization manufacturing process plant.

Pozzolana Manufacturing Process Plant
Pozzolana Manufacturing Process Plant

Pozzolana manufacturing process plant applications

Building materials: natural lightweight aggregate concrete. Such as wall panels, floor, roof; roof insulation layer, insulation layer; a small hollow; resistant concrete; cement mixing active material; formulated without clinker cement; decorative building materials division; noise insulation material. Advanced optical glass abrasive, plastic polish, rubber fillers.

Chemical materials: pesticides carrier, fertilizer control agents, milling as filtration, drying agents and catalysts, petrochemicals storage enzyme in a molecular sieve carrier, hard plastic fillers, toothpaste, soap and other chemicals packing.

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