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Turnkey Dolomite Crushing Plant

What is dolomite

Dolomite is a carbonate mineral, respectively, ankerite and manganese dolomite. It's like a calcite crystal structure, often rhombohedral, the bubble will slowly when cold dilute hydrochloric acid, and some hair orange-red shade dolomite at the cathode rays. Dolomite is composed of dolomite and dolomitic limestone of the main mineral components. Pure dolomite were white; gray when iron; weathered brown. Marine sedimentary origin of dolomite often associated with siderite layers interbedded limestone layer into output. In lacustrine sediments, dolomite and gypsum, anhydrite, halite, sylvite and other symbiotic.

Turnkey dolomite crushing plant

Turnkey dolomite crushing plant jaw crusher working environment: in the huge stones broken into small stones in the process, the first crusher is usually referred to as "master" crusher. When the jaw crusher feeding of the material from the top of the entrance into the crushing chamber containing the jaw teeth. Jaw teeth with great force to the top of the wall material, will it be broken into smaller stones. Support jaw tooth movement is an eccentric shaft, the shaft through the fuselage frame. Eccentric motion is usually fixed at both ends of the shaft produces flywheel. Flywheel and eccentric support bearings are often used spherical roller bearings, bearing the working environment is very harsh. Bearings must withstand enormous impact load, abrasive and high temperature water. Although this work environment is very harsh, jaw crusher still very reliably, which is to ensure the productivity of a key ring.

Turnkey dolomite crushing plant jaw crusher song moving extrusion type, motor-driven belt and pulley, through the eccentric shaft to move up and down movement of the jaw, when the movable jaw rise between toggle plate and moving jaw angle becomes larger, so as to promote movable jaw plate close to the fixed jaw plate, while the material is squeezed, rub, grind, such as multiple broken; when the movable jaw down, between toggle plate and moving jaw angle smaller, movable jaw plate lever action of the spring By leaving the fixed jaw plate, then the crushed material from the crushing chamber discharge port, with the continuous rotation of the motor periodically mobile jaw crusher crushing and nesting, to achieve mass production.

turnkey dolomite crushing plant
turnkey dolomite crushing plant

Turnkey dolomite crushing plant Processing

Turnkey dolomite crushing plant is widely used in the past to make Shanghai Xuanshi combine the many advantages of milling machinery and equipment, the production fully consider the new environment requires processing of turnkey dolomite crushing plant systematic technical upgrades, whether it is turnkey dolomite crushing plant production and processing ores or other materials processing, exhibit more in line with modern energy-saving and efficient large-scale production requirements.

Turnkey dolomite crushing plant is bulk materials through the crusher into small granules from the elevator into the storage bin, and then through the vibration feeder and tilt feed tube evenly to the material of the upper part of the dial bulk on the disc. Material scattered in a circle under the effect of centrifugal force to the periphery, and fall within the grinding ring raceway is looped roller impact, rolling rolling, grinding, three-ring Road after processing into powder, high pressure air through the external air suction sucked into the machine, and the material crushed powder selected band. Within the separator rotating impeller crude materials fell regrinding, meet the requirements of powder into the air into the cyclone powder collector by the lower portion of the exhaust discharge valve is finished, and the air with a small amount of fine dust is through pulse dust discharged after purification through the fan and muffler.

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