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Zeolite Powder Vertical Mill

Series rotary flash dryer dryer zeolite powder vertical mill, zeolite powder vertical mill dryer, dryer zeolite powder vertical mill, zeolite powder vertical mill dryer Overview flash dryer dryer zeolite powder vertical mill, zeolite powder vertical mill dryer is set in one of the dried and crushed sieved New continuous drying equipment, especially suitable for drying the cake-like paste of mud slurries. Composition heater feeder crushing system stirred competent cyclone classifier bag filter drying fan and other components.

Dryer zeolite powder vertical mill, zeolite powder vertical mill dryer works

Hot air from the inlet duct tangentially into the bottom of the drying chamber of the annulus, and a spiral rise, while the metered material from the feeder tower and with the hot air heat exchange sufficiently larger than the wet material in the blender being under the influence of mechanical crushing, low moisture content and smaller particle size of the material to rise in conjunction with the rotating air stream fed to the separator gas-solid separation, product packaging and collection, and the exhaust is treated after emptying the dust removal device.

Zeolite powder vertical mill dryer, dryer equipment advantages of zeolite powder vertical mill

Drying chamber circumferential gas velocity high, short residence time, effectively preventing wall material viscosity and heat-sensitive materials deterioration, and once dried into a uniform powder products, eliminating the crushing and screening processes. Drying chamber is equipped with graded ring and swirl pieces, fineness and final moisture material is adjustable. Special air distribution device, reducing the device resistance, and effectively improve the uniformity of drying materials. Bottom of the dryer set special cooling device and pneumatic sealing means to avoid material deterioration phenomenon generated at the bottom of the high temperature zone. Can effectively control the final moisture and fineness, by feeding hot air classifier temperature regulation, to ensure that the moisture content and the fineness of the product uniform.

zeolite powder vertical mill
zeolite powder vertical mill

Zeolite is an essential mineral, many types: well-zeolite, chabazite, calcium zeolite, sheet zeolite, sodium zeolite, mordenite, stilbite like. Zeolite after milling machining can be used for adsorbents and desiccants, catalysts, detergents, sewage treatment, soil conditioners, animal feed additives. As a novel zeolite materials are used in many industries. The mill processed zeolite may generally be Raymond mill, high pressure mill, ultrafine mill and ladder mill. Wherein the powder admixture to use more finely ground silica fume, fly ash, zeolite powder vertical mill.

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